National security Bangladesh 2008

National security Bangladesh 2008
Title : National security Bangladesh 2008
Author : Sheikh Md Monirul ISLAM
Type : Book
Publisher : UPL - 2009
  • Bangladesh - National security

  • Bangladesh - Security-Non-traditional

  • Bangladesh - International relations

  • Bangladesh - Security-Civil society

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ACCNO : 5800

Bibliography : Despite the efforts by concerned professionals, a... ...

Bibliography : Despite the efforts by concerned professionals, a void, in the field of security studies in Bangladesh, both traditional and non-traditional, is vivid. This has served as an impetus for the publication of an annual report of national security the Bangladesh of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS). This volume is the second on and covers the developments in the year 2008. IT offers multidisciplinary and multidimensional analyses of national security to bring out the challenges to security at the national, regional and international levels. It also explores the ways and means of addressing these challenges. The work deals with broad areas such as systemic aspects o national security, traditional security, interface between national security and foreign policy, non-traditional security, food security, the role of civil society organizations in ensuring national security and a wide range of relevant issues in the context of Bangladesh’s security predicaments. It is the outcome of inexhaustible dispassionate efforts employed form objective perspectives by a team of professional researchers in the field. It is, thus, a significant contribution to the security studies in Bangladesh. The book will provide new thoughts and ideas to the scholars involved in security studies, generating new interest among the academia, media, government officials, business circles, representatives from the civil society and NGOs as well as all other concerned professionals.