National security Bangladesh 2009

National security Bangladesh 2009
Title : National security Bangladesh 2009
Author : Golam MOHAMMAD
Type : Book
Publisher : UPL - 2010
  • Bangladesh - National security

  • Bangladesh - International relations

  • Bangladesh - Environment-Climate change

  • Bangladesh - Small arms

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ACCNO : 5902

Bibliography : Understanding the state of national security, both... ...

Bibliography : Understanding the state of national security, both traditional and non-traditional, is vital for formulating and implementing national policies in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Institute of International and Strategic Studies (BIISS) has initiated its annual report on national security. The present volume is the third in the series that covers the developments and events in the year 20019. Two earlier volumes in the series dealt with both traditional and non-traditional security issues. The present volume focuses exclusively on issues of non-traditional nature. The wide range of issues and challenges covered in this book have introduced and analysed some of the most pressing non-traditional security threats that impinges on the national security of Bangladesh. The book also put forth a set of recommendations to address the challenges that Bangladesh face in the domain of non-traditional security. It is hoped that it will contribute to a better understanding of the approaches to non-traditional security concerns in Bangladesh. The present work is an outcome to the extraordinary professional effort of a team of scholars of BIISS. It is, therefore, a notable contribution in the field of security studies focusing on Bangladesh and useful reference for policymakers, lawmakers, academia, media professionals, NGO and CBO activists, and other relevant professionals.